In the Elliot Lake space, we have a few projects and ongoing activities that are collaborative in nature. My all time favourite to run and to experience is Dungeons and Dragons (or, more accurately, Pathfinder). We sit down every two weeks or so to roll dice and go on whimsical adventures.

Last week we wrapped up a long trek, wherein we searched for missing children, the bad guy got away, and our cleric of death went with her. On our way, we talked to an Earth Elemental who lives in the mountain and loves to make big, fancy dinner for his guests. We lost one of our players to a mimic, and gained a new player out of the belly of that very same mimic. We travelled to another reality through a tea set, and defeated some very loud goblins.

None of our players could accomplish what we did on their own, but together, they made it through, and the bard played some brassy tunes to get us through the thick and thin of it.

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