A Downtown Safari

Just last Tuesday, Katie followed by Victoria (me) ventured out into downtown Sault Ste. Marie to capture rare footage of the quite often mellow city in both literally and figuratively the ‘
Twilight Zone’. As cars stopped, the cameras clicked; as people head home the duo head out; as the cold has set in the photos were funnelled out! This amazing adventure began on the local boardwalk with a dream…

Said dream mainly consists of the dull orange lights which caress the rustic yet sophisticated waterfront with an easy-going glow. After a moment or two of marveling at the photographic possibilities the shooting began! Shot, after shot, after shot! Near perfect portraits of peculiar lights had been taken with ease. Each and every snowflake brought a new promise up to the table. Would the next take be subject to an ever-so gentle mother duck floating above the clouds without a doubt in her head? Or, of the finger of Jack Frost himself as he reached down a mighty oak tree in the form called to be known as ‘icicle’? Alas, so many photos so little time.

Finally, after a frigid trip to the heart of the downtown, including a brief moment of warmth-regeneration held in the lobby of Soo Blaster, a rather interesting encounter with an (unfortunately) unseen dent in the pavement, and… a shall we say interesting meet-up with frozen hair encountering an equally freezing camera.

On the note of glacial properties my fingers seem to have become victim to a severe influenza of frostbite. I suppose it’s time to put down the pen and pick up the mittens while I still can. 


[ Victoria is a teen participant of the Digital Creator North – Sault Ste. Marie program. She has an affinity for making videos (especially editing), writing poetry and stories, and being helpful and kind to all who access the space. ]