• In so many words….

    This month is E-Book month at DGTL Creator Temiskaming shores. We will be exploring typefaces and book layout. I am a huge fan of e-books and audio books and I am looking forward to helping others create their own literary works. As I was planning the workshops, I realized how much of contemporary artistic practice […]

  • Hearts of Gold

    I moved to Timmins from a much larger city, but my first month here has been quite the learning curve. I have explored a lot the city, I have learned about the community here, and I have met dozens upon dozens of people. I am not a natural extrovert, but the people of Timmins are […]

  • It’s never too cold to create.

    December has arrived. It’s cold and you’re stuck inside with nothing to do. You’ve binged enough Netflix and drank too much tea/ coffee and now you’re all jittery? Use that energy: Create!! There are tons of available creative apps and they are all FREE!!! Here are some of my faves… Inkscape: So ya like illustrator? […]

  • A Summer to Remember

    This summer, Digital Creator Sault Ste. Marie was able to partner with the local Arts Council in Sault Ste. Marie (the Arts Council of Algoma) to produce a video work that highlighted community arts events. This was a paid opportunity for a group of regular Digital Creator teens. Certainly making art & movies isn’t all […]

  • We’re Hiring!

    Call for Applications: Digital Creator North Program Lead Sioux Lookout, ON Date Posted: November 19th, 2018 Application Deadline: November 30th, 2018 Start Date: December, 11th 2018 Wage: $22.85, 35 hours weekly, 6 month contract ending May 31st, 2019 with possibility for renewal of a one year contract Province: Ontario Region: Northern Ontario Location: Sioux Lookout […]

  • Embrace The Cringe!

    Embrace The Cringe   When I was young, I used to feel embarrassed and uneasy heading onto a stage. I loved the acting, the music, whatever activity I was doing up there, but I felt hundreds of eyes staring up at me, judging my movements. Some people call it stage fright, I call it the reality of performance. I was […]

  • Not so far away.

    As a Program Lead for DGTL Creator North, I have had the chance to attend many digital arts events/conferences and have noticed a new trend in regional arts and culture. The distance between the North and the world is shrinking. We are not so far away anymore… Not so far away from other rural communities. […]

  • Digital Creator In Bearskin Lake

    Hey Folks. Laine from Digital Creator Sioux Lookout here! I recently travelled to Bearskin Lake First Nation to do digital photography workshops with the gr 7 and 8’s at Michikan Lake School. This trip was made possible through a partnership with Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre’s “Specialist in the Classroom” Project. The intention of this project […]

  • Ontario Library Service Award of Excellence and Innovation in Technology

    Wow, what an exciting month we’ve had this September! Digital Creator North continues to grow and we’ve had some incredible new staff members join our team as of late – welcome Dom and Shane! We also want to take a moment to say that we are very proud to be recognized by the Ontario Library […]

  • We’re Making a Movie!

    Teens at the Sault Ste. Marie site having been up to some movie-making magic over the past couple of weeks. We are currently in the final stages of post-production, tweaking our masterpiece for an exclusive screening event next month hosted at the Sault Ste. Marie Public Library! Lots of work went into this epic fantasy-style […]

  • Centennial Smash!

    Inspiring teens from Korah Collegiate in Sault Ste. Marie organized two hugely successful Super Smash Bros. video game tournaments over school holidays this year. Centennial Smash was the first of it’s kind to hit our Library, and it was so popular when we ran it in January that we had to revive it over March […]

  • Digital Line Drawings Illustrator

    Brittany from our Digital Creator Elliot Lake space recently made a tutorial about Digital Line Drawing using Adobe Illustrator. This technique can be used if you would like to turn an existing image into a digital art project. Image courtesy of Metropolitan Museum collection of arts that are public domain. Photograph: Addie Card, 12 years. […]

  • Kenora Double Exposure Workshop

    Last week our Digital Creator Kenora space tried something new which they named the Double Exposure Workshop. The double exposure workshop was hosted at ACE/WJS, which is an attendance centre in Kenora. As a group they took some portrait photographs with different poses and backgrounds using the Canon DSLRs. Then our teens Mekhi and Tishawn uploaded […]

  • April Update

    April has been a good month and the rest of the month is looking just as good! Temiskaming Shores Digital Creator has started hosting weekly clubs during the week along with the stand-alone workshops on Saturdays. The weekly clubs have been going very well as the weekdays are the busiest time for us and they […]

  • Sol Lewitt – “Copied Lines”

    We recently held a workshop here in Sioux Lookout where we created a piece entitled Wall Drawing #797 inspired by Sol Lewitt. Lewitt was an American Conceptual artist famous for his instructionals, among other things. In this set of instruction, the first artist draws an irregular horizontal line and the other artists copy the line without […]