Wednesday’s Weekly Web Post

Over the past month there has been a lot happening at Temiskaming Digital Creator! We have some new and exciting projects in the making and have had some awesome workshops! More and more teens have started coming in after school to use the space as a place to hangout, play video games and discuss creative projects, ideas and workshops they’re interested in.

The Digital Sketch Club was one of these ideas that came to life in late January. Digital Sketch Club takes place at the Temiskaming District Secondary School, where students can spend their lunch break writing, acting, shooting and editing short sketches in under 40 minutes. This past month our Digital Sketch Club has spent 2 lunch breaks together filming at the school, the turn out has been great! As exams started at the end of January, Digital Sketch Club had to be put on hold, but it will be starting up again in March. Bringing Digital Creator to the school has been such a great addition for the digital creators, we can’t wait for it to start up again!

In February, Digital Creator had the opportunity to have guest artist from New Liskeard, Alex, hold a workshop,“Queering the Normative Art and the Readymade.” Alex is a Fine Arts graduate from Ryerson, Alumni of the Queer and Trans Artist residency in Toronto. Before the workshop, we went to Temiskaming District Secondary School and Alex spoke about the workshop, the LGBTQ community and what inspires the art he creates. The workshop was focused on photography, specifically focusing on taking photos of ‘readymades’ which are objects that the participants could project onto and see themselves in. The teens took the cameras and went out into the community and took photos of objects that they could relate to or see themselves in and made them into art.

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