The Train is Moving!

It’s been almost a month of advertising that the Sioux Lookout DCN Space has reopened & the Teens have just begun to use it regularly once again! In April we should have some real fun & innovation mind is exploding with ideas! For now VR has been the biggest hit, thanks to our local Sioux Lookout Library for allowing us to use it anytime, even allowing me to haul it to another local Youth Center “WINKS”. It was a good way to make new friends quickly 😉  Another highlight was getting over stage fright a bit more by doing 2 Presentation/workshops at each High School, where I did a DCN promo & set up some fun ideas such as a photo booth with fun hats for dress up which was the biggest hit.  I loved watching their shy personalities instantly transform by putting on a sombrero!  That’s what DCN is all about I suppose!

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