December has arrived. It’s cold and you’re stuck inside with nothing to do. You’ve binged enough Netflix and drank too much tea/ coffee and now you’re all jittery? Use that energy: Create!!

There are tons of available creative apps and they are all FREE!!! Here are some of my faves…

Inkscape: So ya like illustrator? This is for you! The keyboard shortcuts might be a little different but they are customize-able. I use it often when I don’t have access to our fine DGTL Creator computers.

Audacity: You wanna record a podcast, or the next musical hit? Audacity can help you create great quality audio. As a sound technician and studio owner for many years, I can say that you can easily lay down some tracks within seconds on Audacity…as long as you have a microphone. (but that’s for another article..)

Gimp: For all you Photoshop fans, Gimp is the bees knees. With a bit of fiddling, you can customize it to look and ‘act’ like Photoshop, including shortcuts. It’s another one that I use when I’m cooped up at home, not braving the cold.

So there ya go, stay warm in your jammies and get creative!!

Dom Lafontaine

DGTL Creator -Temiskaming Shores