timmins map

I moved to Timmins from a much larger city, but my first month here has been quite the learning curve. I have explored a lot the city, I have learned about the community here, and I have met dozens upon dozens of people.

I am not a natural extrovert, but the people of Timmins are so welcoming that I don’t have to be. They have embraced me as the new Digital Creator lead here. They don’t hesitate to offer me any help that they can give.

At the beginning of the month, Digital Creator participated in a local holiday event that had hundreds of attendees all donating to the local food bank. This city is certainly not without problems, but it was evident that people in Timmins really make an effort to support one another. Whether by donating to charities, volunteering, mentoring or by showing up to community events. When I first moved here, someone said to me that I was in the city with a heart-of-gold. I can say that this statement is an accurate description of many of the people who live here. They really do have hearts of gold.

Perhaps Neil Young should have searched in Timmins?

By: Heidi Vandenbroeke (Timmins Program Lead)