Anthony “The Intern’s” Corner

We’ve asked Anthony, our high school intern, to help us review video games we’re thinking of purchasing for the Digital Creator spaces. He seemed like the obvious choice for the job and he’s come up with some good choices for the spaces — games that are fun to play for all skill levels. We’re unofficially dubbing this blog post: Anthony’s Corner — much to his chagrin. You can read his review below:

It’s weird to think that Rocket League came out over a year ago. Thinking about it now, it isn’t that old, and that’s why it’s still so popular amongst gamers today. With over one million unique users tuning in daily across all platforms, Rocket League remains one of the most played competitive games on the market. Even though the concept of the game is simple, its praise is 100% deserved, and definitely does the game justice. If you enjoy yelling at a screen and hitting balls around a giant arena with flying cars, then Rocket League is the ideal game for you to try out.

The game is simple, and I mean that in the most literal sense. It’s so simple that it’s brilliant. There are two teams, each with 1-2 players/cars. The objective is to hit the ball into the opposing team’s net, and score the most points to win. Although there’re multiple game modes, the main concept stays the same. The game plays like a real sport. To hit the ball and score is one thing, but to actually master and perfect the movements and skills within the game is another, making for a very in depth and immersive experience. Even though you’re sitting behind a screen with a controller, the game makes you feel like you are a part of the action, and that’s what I think makes it so special.

The game has become so big that there’re even eSports teams that play Rocket League on a professional level. Believe it or not, some tournaments have prizes upwards of $50,000! Fortunately, most players aren’t very serious about the game, and are only in it to have fun. Due to the games nature, it isn’t very hard to enjoy, whether you’re winning by a mile, or losing because your teammates aren’t doing anything. The game uses a very unique formula that combines a somewhat competitive sport with absurdly unrealistic car physics that make you feel like a little kid with a seriously impressive imagination. Although there is a rather zealous side to Rocket League, there’s no denying that at it’s core, it’s just an insanely fun game that you can sit back and play with multiple friends who share the same childish visions as you do.

Even though Rocket League is probably the most ambitious game that the Digital Creator labs will be investing in it’s probably worth mentioning that we will also be purchasing the Rare: Replay collection and Lego: Marvel Super Heroes, which are both highly rated games for single and multiplayer action. Even though they weren’t really talked about, they are really cool games, and you should check them out if you want to learn more about them. So, whether you get the nostalgic feels from Rare: Replay, the old memories of childhood with Lego: Marvel Super Heroes, or the kid-within’s over-exaggerated interpretation of a sport from Rocket League, you are sure to have loads of fun from these modern day classics.