This summer, Digital Creator Sault Ste. Marie was able to partner with the local Arts Council in Sault Ste. Marie (the Arts Council of Algoma) to produce a video work that highlighted community arts events. This was a paid opportunity for a group of regular Digital Creator teens. Certainly making art & movies isn’t all about the money, but this was important and special because it helped to instil the idea that creative work is a skill, and just like other skilled-labour, creative & talented teen artists should be compensated fairly for their time & effort!

It’s important  to squash the idea that artists can be paid in “exposure”, or that the opportunity to do what they love should be motivation enough to do the job. Instead, the Arts Council of Algoma hired our crew to document the events & produce a final video that they could use to promote future events on social media and keep a record of the amazing summer we had here in the Sault!

Step-in Bill, Xavier, Violet, Richard & Victoria – a stellar group of super-talented teens who were willing to take on this mission. Our videography crew consisted of Bill, Xavier & Richard, who ventured all around the downtown on foot capturing footage & interviewing folks. Violet was working for the Arts Council this past summer and her role was mostly as Director & head of photography – she had the inside info on where, when & what was happening. Victoria is an editing mastermind and so she stepped in to take on that role. Together, we were one amazing team ready to capture the essence of all that is Sault Ste. Marie Community, Arts & Culture.

Our mission took us to plays put on by Fringe North International Theatre, a Downtown Street Party but on by the Sault Ste. Marie Downtown Association, an Art Battle hosted by the Arts Council of Algoma, and the famous (in the Sault) & Annual Art in the Park N’ Lot festivals. Our videography crew could be seen all around the downtown this August working away at their masterpiece.

We hope you like the finished result!