• Sioux Lookout Photography Club

    Love snapping photos and ready to take your selfie game to the next level? Then you need to join the Sioux Lookout Photography Club! Have access to Canon T6i cameras, lighting equipment and cool backgrounds to make those high concept ideas a reality. Program lead Laine can show you how to use Photoshop and tweak […]

  • Stop Motion Video From Sioux Lookout

    Check out the stop motion video by the busy folks at our Sioux Lookout location. They created this claymation rocket ship video. Both the feature and the behind the scenes videos are included!  

  • Anthony “The Intern’s” Corner

    We’ve asked Anthony, our high school intern, to help us review video games we’re thinking of purchasing for the Digital Creator spaces. He seemed like the obvious choice for the job and he’s come up with some good choices for the spaces — games that are fun to play for all skill levels. We’re unofficially […]

  • Digital Creator meets the press

    Digital Creator North may be a couple of months away from our official launch, but there is already buzz about the project at one of our site locations. You can read the awesome article about the Sioux Lookout partnership in the Sioux Lookout Bulletin, our partner community’s local paper. It’s already creating excitement in the […]

  • Coming soon to a city near you

    The Near North Mobile Media Lab is proud to announce the launch of their exciting Digital Creator North initiative. The project is designed to attract youth (ages 14-19) who want a safe and welcoming place to hang out, socialize and explore the world of digital media in their own backyards. This ambitious Trillium-funded pilot project […]